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Comments On Italika Motorcycles

Some comments quoted from person who ever bought Italike motorcycles and rides Italika motorcycle as following,

Originally Posted by RoMo,

I moved from New York to the Mexican mountains north of Mexico City about 2 yrs ago. Needing transportation and money being a bit short, I bought an Italika TC250 from Elektra. I have not gone on many long trips but, I ride nearly everyday. Italika is ok for cruising, but a little under powered for long highway (autopista) riding. So if you're planning short rides (less than 100 miles a day), it's a nice bike. Made in China, made with alot of plastic (look up Italika's website or Elektras) most of the chrome is over plastic. The the chrome "filter covers" are primarily for looks, giving the vague appearance of a V twin. Very few stock accessories for the bike and little capacity for carrying anything. All in all it's a nice looking pueblo cruiser, handles pretty good on roads and trails. By what I know of is a gringo can't legally license a vehicle in Mexico, but don't let that discourage you too much, I rode mine for nearly 3 months before registering it and that's includes rides in Pachuca. Helmets are the law here too, but I've never seen it enforced, I wear a helmet only when on the autopista, because of the horrible drivers here. When you buy the bike from Elektra, you get a liter of gas, the keys, and the paperwork, you're on your own after that, except for a couple of semi free services. 
The TC250 or Tornado would make a good entry bike, the seat is low, the dual sport has a high seat and more difficult for training unless your girlfriend has long legs.
Hope this contains some useful information. Good Luck, in Mexico, and if you're around Pachuca, Sahagun maybe we can hook up for a ride to the piramides.


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