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Motorcycle Parts Chinese Suppliers for Motomel and Zanella series
Chinese professional motorcycle parts supplier, Chongqing Tohon Power Machinery&Equipment Co.,LTD, mainly supply various models and kinds of motorcycle spare parts with middle to high quality for many market, like South America, South Africa, South-East Asia, etc.

As a leading Chinese motorcycle parts supplier, now we, Chongqing Tohon Power Machinery&Equipment Co.,LTD, have many Chinese motorcycle parts for
Motomel & Zanella Motorcycle Parts with good quality and favorable prices. The models for motorcycle parts are as following:

Chinese Motorcycle Parts for
Motomel & Zanella Series:

Motomel TCP 200, MOTOMEL Serie 5 200cc, MOTOMEL Serie 4 150cc, MOTOMEL Serie 3 150CC, Serie 2 150 cc, Motomel TCP 150, 
Motomel SIRIUS 200, Motomel CG125 ML110,
Zanella ZB Series:ZB110, ZB125R, ZB110 G4. DUE110 Series. RX Series: RX125 Sport, RX150 R, RX150 G3, RX150, RX200 Series. 
Styler Series: Styler 50 Classic, Styler 125, ZTT 200 Series.

The Motorcycle parts we can supply are as following:
Motorcycle Engine Parts: cylinder, cylinder head, crankshaft, valves, camshaft, chains and sprocket, oil pump assy., carburetor, air clearner, exhaust pipe, crankcase, crankcase cover, gears, clutch, friction plate, clutch plate, main shaft and counter shaft, bearing, gasket, shift cam assy., drum and fork, gear change lever, etc.
Motorcycle Body Parts: frame components, front fenders, rear fenders, side plastic covers, rear fork, bush, chain case, oil seal, shock absorber, damper assy., fuel tank, fuel cock assy., cap assy., seat assy., seat handle, tail cover, front hub, brake shoe kit, camshaft lever, rims, tube, cast wheel, wheels, tire, brake disc, pad lining comp., clutch hub, rear hub, brake shoe plate, dumper, chain tensioner, handle, grips, etc.
Motorcycle Electric Parts:chock wire, throttle wire, brake cable, clutch wire, speedometer cable, master cylinder assy., brake lever, clutch lever, main stand, footrest, brake pedal, side stand, footrest bracket, cowling assy., starting motor assy., stator, rotor, flasher lights, head light, tail light, mirrors, horn, relay,
rectifier regulator, meter assy., handle switch, main switch, battery, wire harness, sender, stop switch, etc.